19 June 2009

Personalized Sneakers No. 2

Do you remember what it feels like when you get new presents that you are totally dying to get your hands on for the longest time. When you suddenly find yourself unable to control yourself - you just have to use it at the soonest possible time. Well, that's what happened when I finally got my first set of fine tip Sharpies from my mom as a pasalubong from her visit in Canada. I've been waiting and praying for a set ever since I learned about them when I was working for Analog Soul, but unfortunately, these pens aren't available here in the Philippines.

Back in January, I decided to try and make an army of personalized shoes. Five months later, I have finally been equipped with the exact tools I need to accomplish this. I bought a pair of cheap sneakers in order to test out my new permanent markers since every marker is created different - some bleed and some don't. Yes I did panic when I first started since I found my work to be very dirty when the colors started bleeding all over the place. Good thing I was able to work something out, and now, it's more forgivable.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present pair number 2. I don't know what to name it, so I'm refraining from baptizing it until I find the right name in my head. By the way, notice that I used colors, a rare treat since I usually prefer doing my art in black and whites. :D

This project took me three days to complete, half an hour to an hour each day with either Adele, Adam Lambert, Aida or Bare the Musical playing in the background.

For more photos, feel free to visit my multiply site.


kids footwear said...

Great shoe!!!! These shoes are awesome. I will beat my shoes up and replace it to this shoes.

plumbing said...

I like pair number 2! It is cool using rare colors. You just took 3 days in doing that? Well for me that's very good. Doing such great things like that usually take 1 week to finish. Nice one.

party bags said...

I agree! Shoes with rare colors such as pink, maroon, etc are hot and catching to the eye. Proven and tested.

double glazing said...

You truly have creativity in making this cute designs. I have never tried customizing my own rubber shoes before.