14 June 2009

Toy Con 2009

Yesterday, my siblings and I attended the 8th Toy Con at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 2 and 3. It's my first time to join a toy convention so I'm afraid I couldn't give any nitty-gritty information since I'm pretty new with the toy collecting and anime scene. Of course, we didn't have a lot of dough in our pockets that time so we passed by only with the intent of window shopping and appreciating the cosplayers.

I met up with a couple of pals from Rep - one of whom is cosplaying a female version of Spongebob . This being my second Cosplay event, I realized that some of the folks I've seen in the previous convention were also present and are wearing the same costumes as they did the last time. I wonder though if I'm going to push through with my plans of cosplaying this coming August.

Alodia, the legendary Philippine cosplayer, was also around - with a huddle of fans circled around her taking her photo. I really wasn't able to see her costume though.

They even played the cool but geek-a-maniac Star Wars-John Williams tribute, by the way.

Anyway, check out the photos of the event below.

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