01 November 2008

Crimes for Christmas

November has just arrived on our doorsteps and already I've been hearing all sorts of rumors about children being nabbed, houses being robbed, civilian assaults and many such ungodly deeds. My mom has informed me that just a couple of streets away, a bunch of houses in a compound have already been robbed and she suspects that the security guard assigned in the area has something to do with the crimes.

Annually, once the -ber months turn the corner, people claim that crime rates escalate rapidly and policemen become double observant of traffic rules (and this isn't meant in a good way).

Just a couple of days ago, our maid told me to call the Barangay Tanods to make rounds along our area. Apparently, she has overheard a group of men talking about some pretty suspicious stuff at the corner of our street. The men, according to her, were huddled together and were talking about blocking front and back entrances, and when she passed, one of the men eyed where she was going - and the poor thing went straight to our gate.

A neighbor friend of theirs also confided that he noticed some guys sitting on the porch of our house, like they were waiting for someone. Now, I usually go home around 8 to 9 in the evening, and I would often be walking alone, so that piece of information alarmed me greatly. Our maid offered to fetch me where I get off so that I can be, at least, safer with the increase in number.

It is possible for me to point that she was paranoid, but the last time she informed me to call the Tanods because of suspicious characters lingering in our area, we had a big battlefield outside our doorsteps the very next day. Yes, there were big Armalite guns, firearms and policemen were screaming all sorts of commands. Our wall even secured two bullet holes. Thankfully, because of what she had done, our house was spared from being forcefully entered. There were three dead in the incident, and I saw our neighbor's maids wiping the blood stains off their gates and scrubbing the floors of their driveway.

Isn't it ironic that Christmas is meant to be a season to be jolly, a season of goodness and a season to remember and cherish the birth of Jesus Christ, and yet all these monstrosities would surface and dampen the joys and hope that the season is meant to bring? Isn't it ironic, and unchristianly, that men would steal money, kidnap children, threaten people and even corrupt another's peace of mind, just to bring gifts of joy and happiness to his family for this wonderful season of giving?

They have lost the essence of Christmas. Christmas is not about the gifts, although we all want to receive one, it is the celebration of our Christian faith, the celebration of family, and the celebration of hope, love and peace. It is the time to be thankful despite what one receives, because God has blessed us with another year, with our family and friends, with our lives.


Cecile said...

it is very scary ;-(. hope it will be stopped and the police do thwir best to catch those responsible for the crimes... be careful and always follow you instinct..sad that Christmas celebration is no longer safe...

Umma said...

That's the result of spiral poverty which is embracing our country today that's the main reason why people are desperate to do anything even biting their elbows.

And it tends to escalate more once Christmas is fast approaching.I believe most of them do it bec of family but there are some who really doesn't care about their future bec they are hooked on drugs.

That's why all of us need to be vigilant with our surroundings, nobody knows what would happen in our way home or even in the comfort of our home.

But Im glad you are fine dear, better be careful next time and avoid going home too late. Take care.

D said...

I so totally agree! I did not know that is the situation there in your neighborhood. I hope you and your family are alright. It is scary to think people do these things at a time like Christmas, when love, giving and sharing should abound.

pchi said...

katakot naman :(

the concept of christmas has been altered by the commercialization of it by the merchants

kaya tuloy cguro nagnanakaw na yung iba para may maibigay na kahit konting kaginhawaan sa pasko

mahirap na talaga ang buhay ngayon... so some become desperate that they mug and rob... so commit suicide

pero meron din tulad ng namention mo - adik lang at tamad maghanap ng matinong trabaho

Joy-Anne said...

your post has been a scary one. kailangan mag-ingat palagi at maging observant sa mga nangyayari sa paligid natin. stay safe Kat. and if there are times you really have to go home late, always asked someone to fetch you where you have to get off. take care.

Joops said...

Oh Christ, that's horrendous!

That's the problem in the States...commercialization... A lot of people wanted the event not because they want to rejoice faith instead in order to receive something...

I have an award for you at my blog...

I also added you in my list, hope u can add me here too.. Thanks and See you!

chubskulit said...

Hi Kat, Christmas is the time where magnanakaws are so active because they know that a lot of people are having their bonuses and stuff so they expect that they gonna get more. Sad to kno though that its for their family, which, shouldnt be that way... Even a simple dinner for Christmas is good enough as long as the money they buy the food with come from a decent way..

Kwagoo said...

Thank you everyone for your concern and feedbacks. As for now, there doesn't seem to be any more suspicious activities in our area, but of course that isn't reason enough to be lax and carefree. :D

To Joop, thanks for the award, I'll pick it up in a while! :D

Hugs to all! :D