19 November 2008

My Trouble with Shoes

After braving the floods last week, I have officially departed with my shoes, who didn't make it through the ordeal - it suffered irreparable damage and can no longer be revived. It was a cheap buy, but nonetheless a vital piece in my shoe line-up since its meant for daily wear. Now, I wear sandals to work which I honestly want to throw away soon. They have served me well for the past year and have already absorbed the nauseating scent of my feet. (haha) Regardless of the many washings I've made it go through, it doesn't seem lose the smell and has already shown signs of over-wear.

This morning, as I was choosing which shoe I will be wearing to work, I've realized that I have quite a selection, but have been limiting myself to two sandals particularly. I have two rubber shoes, one of which is at the verge of being thrown into the trash can as well. This is due to the fact that whenever I wear it on a rainy day, the water seeps in from beneath and penetrates the shoes - so I'd be walking with soggy socks enclosed in the shoes. The thought is just menacing. The other is rather special (since I hand painted it) but could be worn only with a select number of clothes and styles. The rest of my shoes are hand me down heels.

Early in college, I used to dote on heels, wearing them on an almost daily basis. As I progressed into my fourth and fifth years, I've developed a love for flat and rubber shoes primarily due to its comfort and since I've began challenging myself to walk from school all the way home, which is a rather far walk. Now, the prospect of leaving home in heels only comes when I have a party to attend, or a business meeting to go to. As much as I'd try to wear heels, I'd usually end up regretting it and returning to wearing flats the next day.

Lately, with the surge of sales and bazaars and online shops popping out left and right, I'm tempted to invest in a good line up of shoes which can serve me well for the next year or so. That would mean - a good pair of shoes for daily wear, decent sandals also for daily wear, a not Made-in-China pair of rubber shoes or sneakers and if the budget allows, a nice pair of wedges.

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