09 November 2008

My Christmas Wishlist

When my mom found out I was making a Christmas wish list, she reprimanded me for not counting my blessings and was thick-faced enough to put down all the things I want. Christmas, as we've always pointed, is heavily commercialized and due to this, people have lost touch with its essential notes of charity and good will and have focused their attention to buying gifts and preparing noche buenas and other worldly pleasures.

As the Scriptures have said, and as I've heard time and again, "Ask and you shall receive." A wise man declared in a wedding that the only way a man can understand a woman is when she gives up dropping hints, and slaps the information right onto his face. I'm done writing letters to Santa, who doesn't seem to respond very well to my recommendations. Apparently, my friends aren't always keen on reading my latest blog posts to notice the list either.

Despite knowing that I am running the risk of being labeled a materialistic girl, I decided that I still want to list down my wish list for this year. I know it's not exactly discreet, but who wants to make a discreet wish list? haha Fingers crossed that at least one may be answered, here goes...

1. A good book
(as Jessica Hagendorn's Dogeaters and Gregory Macguire's The Ugly Stepsister)
2. An original CD
(as Lea Salonga's Cinderella, Sergio Mendez' Morning in Rio or Universal Music's The Very Best of Smooth Jazz)
3. A scrapbook/ digital art/ animation/ surprise dedicated to me
4. A La Senza brassiere
5. Scrapbooking or Arts and Crafts magazines
6. An iPod Classic, 80 Gb (though I can settle for 40 Gb, hehe)
7. A out-of-town, all-expense paid vacation trip
8. A Canon EOS DSLR Camera
9. To get a winning lottery ticket (given if I actually join the lottery)
10. Charley to ride a plane home and spend Christmas with me.
11. My grandma to get well soon and be rid of her horrid ailment.
12. Parokya ni Edgar, after three years, will still serenade me with their single, Gitara.

P.S. If David Cook would just dedicate his Always be My Baby song to me, I'd already be ecstatic. A Jose Marie Chan number can also do the trick!

P.P.S. Clothes, bags and shoes are always welcome items! I won't mind for a box of Lindtz orange chocolates, a box of G-tech pens, table/ room organizers, or a box filled with just paper of varying types, colors and sizes. hehe

Okay, enough daydreaming..

Man, it feels good getting those stuff out of my chest.


Chachoy said...

Sorry bie no money =( maybe next year?

joy said...

well, i hope you get your christmas wish list. have a wonderful day.

Kwagoo said...

@ chachoy..

Ehem ehem...

@ joy
thanks.. hope so too, unfortunately cancelled out na ung isa dun, and its the one that i really2 wanted :(