20 November 2008

Extremely Rattled

I feel rattled. And it's not the coffee.

Last night was one of the scariest nights of my life and even at this very moment I can still feel tears welling up my eyes and fear running through my bones. Yesterday, the workmate I usually ride the train home with had taken a leave, so I was on my own.

The train going towards my destination was on the other side of the street, therefore I had to climb and cross the bridge above the train depot. As I was passing, I noticed there was a man walking in front of me, and two girls walking towards us. Most notably, there was a dirty, lean man standing in the middle of the bridge. He appeared deranged and exhibited not an ounce of respectability. He climbed up the railing and hung his himself upside down on the ceiling pipes. He was definitely retarded and I guessed it's best not to pay him any attention as I passed by so he'd return the favor and ignore me as well. Apparently, the plan didn't work.

As I crossed in front of him, I heard him call. I am not sure who he was calling, but I felt I was in no position to be concerned about it - I continued walking. I can hear him getting off the pipe, he continued calling. I cannot decipher what he was saying, all I can understand was that he appeared to be calling someone. I have passed the two girls walking towards us, and discerned that they would have to deal with the retarded man, but I can hear the man still pacing towards my direction. I was utterly frightened with this thought and have doubled my pace, overtaking the man in front of me. If the mad man would be chasing us, he would have to go through the man before reaching me. I made a sharp angle towards the stairway - convincing myself that the security guards of the train station would be there, inspecting bags.

Going down the stairs, I can still hear the man calling and shouting. His voice seemed nearer, and my heart raced furiously up my throat. I told myself that running may agitate the man, but my pace wasn't doing me any good. Going down those stairs felt frustratingly like the longest minute of my life. It felt that the lunatic had ignored the man I overtook and was really going after me. I never bothered to look back to confirm my suspicions. I jumped off the last few steps, my legs were unsteady and shaky. I never felt more relieved to be in front of the security guard.

A man informed the security that the crazy man was on the floor and the security guard promptly shouted at the insane man, who continued calling and shouting. I never looked. I never saw the man I overtook. All I know was that the crazed man was on the same floor as I was. Something must have happened, must have clicked, must have stimulated him to follow us.. or to articulate more accurately what I feel, follow me.

Even after I've passed the security inspection, I can hear him make a big fuss over at the station. It felt like he was calling to me. I was so relieved to be on the other side. My hands were shaking uncontrollably as I inserted my ticket into the machine to get into the waiting area. My heartbeat was thumping really fast as I reached for my cellphone to call my best friend. I was so scared.

In the train, I began counting the many things that I was thankful for. I was thankful that I wore my sister's sandals rather than my painful heels, thus was able to move faster. I was thankful that I was wearing my scapular. I was thankful that there were people with me on that bridge (quite curiously, I had felt that something wrong might happen on that bridge just a week ago). I was thankful that I wasn't as frightened as to piss on my pants. I was thankful that I am now safe and alive.

I don't know what could have happened and I don't want to confirm my fears.

I spoke with a guy friend when I got home and I never realized how scared I was until I felt myself tearing up and crying. I don't know what triggered that man to start chasing and I don't want to find out by victimizing myself again. I hope that situation would reoccur.

P.S. Please don't tell me this is a Bitoy's funniest moment prank, 'cause if it is, I'd really punch the guy in the face.

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