19 November 2008

Why Do I Torment Myself?

If there is one word to describe this year's Starbucks planner - it's fugly.

Of course, that is based entirely on my opinions. Despite that little fact, why am I 8 Starbucks drinks away from getting one, when I can simply purchase a Belle de Jour diary for a lesser price?

Why do I torment myself trying to ingest a short Starbucks coffee drink when all the while I am aware that I am not a coffee drinker? Why do I risk being addicted to coffee? Why do I allow myself to be prone to stomach hyper acidity? Why am I allowing my wallet to throw away good hard earned cash? Why am I feeling nauseous but trying to finish off this crappy drink, which I've been holding since three hours ago? Why am I doing this for a fugly planner?

The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind. I don't know!


Anonymous said...

kamukha nung planner ng dad ko, gamit niya nung mga 80s, hahahaha :D


Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

fugly? really? my sister gets a planner every year. but now she's in norway. she'll be glad she didn't get one this year (considering it's fugly) haha. yep, get the belle de jour instead. got one even if i don't use a one. my brother got it for me last week. and frankly i don't know what to do with it. well, maybe use the coupons. =D


Kwagoo said...

Hi Carol,

I got the BDJ nalang :D haha...mas worth it xa eh.. hahaa