07 July 2009

Hello Philippines, Hello World

It is strange that after I resolved to open up my schedule and get some well-deserved rest, do I find myself stuck again in another crazy project. A friend has asked me to take on a role in his play after his prime actor for the role was diagnosed with the H1N1 virus. Either that tapped into my inner vanity, or I just sincerely wanted to help - I agreed to give it a go.

And so it begins again, rehearsal filled nights. The title of our play is called Hello Philippines, Hello World - presented by the UP Repertory Company and its alumni association. The play was written by Abet Cruz and directed by Dax Carnay.

With just one onstage play on my belt (taking on a minor character), I've suddenly been given a lead role, which is exceedingly daunting. I've been casted as Berna - the intellectually challenged heiress who wants to prove her independence by working in a call center. Being stupid is not as easy as I thought.

Synopsis of Hello Philippines:
"Hello Philippines, a one act musical, is a humorous take on call center culture. Team leader Tiffany tells five agents from his team that one of them is going to get axed. The twist, however, is that he will leave that decision to the five agents. So now, it’s up to ex-tibak Anton, clueless rich girl Berna, the slutty Toni, the probinsyanong Brichi, and the overly religious Elsa to do whatever it takes to keep their jobs. Whatever it takes.

Hello Philippines is viciously funny and holds nothing sacred as it skewers the “call center lifestyle”, a life cycle born out of fast money and desperation, shifting body clocks, and too much coffee, beer, and cigarettes. It attempts to put into perspective all the sacrifices one makes to stay in such an environment, albeit in an entertaining manner."

Schedule dates of our show are still tentative though.


muntingbinibini said...

Oooh! Sounds interesting :D
I'd love to see it if I could :P
Pero I'm from Las Piñas pa e..

Kwagoo said...

Hi. Thanks lots. Well, we will be having our shows in different locations - we will even go as far as Dasmarinas, Cavite! haha.. Will be posting scheds and venues in the blog soon. :D Cheers!

muntingbinibini said...

Sure sure :) Hopefully you'll have your show here at Las Piñas or Alabang ^^