16 July 2009

Last Day of Work

Yesterday, I celebrated my last day of work in WideOut, where I served as their Sales and Marketing Assistant for a year and a month. It was pretty surreal leaving the office I've grown accustomed to going everyday - it felt strange leaving the people I've mingled and interacted with, and its seems a little funny that I'm now moving on to another chapter, so to say, in my life and career.

Yesterday was the first time I prepared a meal good for 50 people. I had a budget of 1,500 pesos and most of my advisers were skeptical that I'd be able to pull it off - thankfully, 50 people was a conservative number and someone had treated everyone to a round of pancit earlier. Cooking 2 kilos of Spaghetti Alfredo, and buying 4 pieces of Psalms chicken and 5 1.5L bottles of Zesto soda drinks was then, sufficient. I would've posted photos of it, had we not totally neglected the fact that we had cameras.

Saying goodbye isn't one of my favorite past times, in fact, I usually think most of the time, it's just a lot of BS - with the internet and cellphone technology, we're not really so far away. And not everyone expressing their sympathy and sadness is genuinely affected by your moving away. Pessimistic as it sounds, it usually is the truth.

P.S. Nothing much has changed.
P.P.S. We got ambushed by the QTV crew yesterday at GB3.

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