01 July 2009


"Travel photographer Himalaya "Laya" Marquez has been running away from her traumatic past since she was 12.

When Laya is sent to Isabela to capture a rare harvest ritual called Mangatyanan by the Labwanan tribe, a series of events brings her hidden emotions to the surface.

Will she finally face her demons or will she keep running?"

After watching Cinema One's Best Director winner, Jerrold Tarog's Confessional, I felt a surge of hope that the Filipino cinema-scape is not doomed to brain dead slapsticks and overrated dramatic monologues. Confessional is clearly a social commentary of our current political structure, but playing in the context of Cebu's popular Sinulog festival. A deep and well thought out film that must be admired for its philosophical clashes and epiphanies, exemplary analysis of political and social structures coupled with impressive and extensive research. Confessional is the first Filipino film that made me feel challenged and inspired - yes, it's only Filipino film that pushed me to finally finish my Communication Arts thesis.

Now, participating in this year's Cinemalaya, Jerrold will be presenting the sequel of Confessional, Mangantayan. With a beautiful and provocative synopsis (above), I must admit I am extremely intrigued to learn what surprise Jerrold has for us up in his sleeve.

To view the screening schedule of Mangantayan, click here.

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