10 July 2009

Our Little World in Sims 3

Ever since we got to install Sims 3 into our respective computers, my boyfriend and I have been somewhat competing in making the perfect house for the both of us. First things first, we had to create characters to represent us - trying our best of mimic our appearances in the said program, below are our interpretations of ourselves in Sims form.

This is what we look like in real life.

My boyfriend's version of ourselves in Sims 3.

My version of ourselves in Sims 3.

I think he did a better job mimicking our features that I did. We even had a session where we had to point out the areas of improvement for his Sim to make it resemble him better. As for clothing choice, it's generally based on our personal tastes - he always wanted me to wear off-shoulder tops and I generally like green and black to care. I took to account that he loves blue, while he made his Sim wear a black striped polo similar to one I got him before.

We also tried to outdo each other in designing our houses. Not being any good with architecture and interior design - I cheated a bit, basing my design on the Chuachiaco Marikina residence designed by architect Michael Pena, which I found in a special White issue of BluPrint magazine.

This is the house I sort of took inspiration from for my Sims 3 house.

The exterior of my Sims 3 house.

The interior of my Sims 3 house.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, was more creative and diligent. He tediously designed and drafted schematics for his house - bulldozing it several times until he got the one that meets his taste. He wanted something uniquely modern - he did send me a copy of an image he was drooling all over to replicate if not in the Sims world, for our house when we can afford to get one. The images he sent me were of the unfurnished house - he admitted that he still had a lot of work to do on it. Unfortunately though, due to a hard drive failure, his files have been wiped out - thus including the Sims house. *sad.

The image he sent me where he drew inspiration from.

The exterior of his Sims 3 house.

The interior of his Sims 3 house.

Of course, competition, trash talking and taunts aren't the only things that bring us together playing this game. Having our own personalities within the game, it's like interacting with each other - in a monologue-sort of way. While requesting for his version of ourselves, he sent me this image... which brought the Awwwws.. with a matching butter-like melting heart.

Being in a long distance relationship isn't easy, but because of games and the internet, things are made so much simpler and easier.


Julius said...

omg super nice ng house!

Kwagoo said...

Tenchu dude! Bongga divah? :D haha.. Sana in real life din :D

Anonymous said...

Hi . I just wanted to say that i LOVE your house , and i´m impressed that you could make the caracters look so like you .

/ carro

Kwagoo said...

Hey Carro. Thanks lots :)

Anonymous said...

Ayos, ayos. :)

Nasa long distance relationship din kasi ako for almost 3 years already.. Kaya medyo nakakarelate ako.. :)

may said...

hi..po pwde po pahingi ng file ng sims 3?..gusto q po kac mag laro ng sims..