12 July 2009

Rhapsody in Green

Green is the color that makes the world go round.

Earlier this week, I bought myself another pair of Advan shoes hoping to come up with a new addition to my collection. Having nothing to do, I searched the net, specifically Deviant Art for some ideas; rather than a specific theme. I learned that I can design my shoes by simply using my staedtler pens - and so I did. I took my favorite colored pen, apparently green, and began drawing the first things that pop out from my head.

To be completely honest, I initially thought this project was going to be a flop, - my first few strokes were far from perfect. Thankfully, I was proven wrong. Listening to Nightwish, Michael Jackson and Charice Pempengco's If I Wrote a Note to God. I was inspired to go for a more "Heal the World", "Let's Save Mother Nature" theme, and this is the product of my thoughts.

Not exactly Save-the-World-Captain-Planet-ish, but I think it has a few hints of it. I call it, "Rhapsody in Green" since there it's generally just a hodgepodge of muscle memory designs with an occasional plant or two beside it. But of course, we must admit, it's a prettier world if it's green. Don't you think?

It took me two days to finish (Saturday night to Sunday midday, but in total, it more or less took me 3-5 hours to complete). I managed to finalize it in Manila Memorial Cemetery, Dasmarinas, Cavite this afternoon during our Sunday visits to our grandmother's grave. Desperate to get photos of it so I can blog about it as soon as possible, I requested to use my dad's camera phone to photograph the shoes.

Most people are asking if the shoes are waterproof. My answer, not yet. My mom is telling me to buy a fixer/ varnish for the shoes to make them resistant to outside conditions that may take a toll on them. Even though they aren't proofed yet, I can be assured of their safety since they are part of my collection and are not really meant for wearing outside.

To see more photographs of the shoes, go here.

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Maricel said...

wow kat, your artworks are really amazing... by the way, why would you leace work? burn out perhaps?

Maricel --- Momhood Moments

Kwagoo said...

Thanks Mars! :D Lease work? Burn out? What do your mean? If you want to have your shoes done, just provide me with your canvas shoes and I'll try to design it for you :)