27 July 2009

Shoe Splurge

Last weekend, as I was heading off to work, one of my shoes snapped and left me with a "handicapped" right foot dragging my broken shoe until I got to the office. Thankfully, one of my office mates was kind enough to lend me one of her extra slippers. Because of that incident, I decided that it was time for me to head on to the nearest mall-wide sale (which apparently is MOA - Mall of Asia) and get those shoesies I've been putting off buying.

It surprised me how willing I was to throw some cash away when I've always been such a Scrooge when it comes to purchasing goods for myself. I wonder if my frugal mind has begun to open itself once again to compromise. Being an avid Ukay-Ukay buyer, I've been so accustomed to cheap clothes that it took me almost forever just to buy anything worth more than 300 pesos.

Well, I didn't purchase any tops or bottoms, but I did buy three much needed shoes - most of which have been preplanned even way before the tragic wardrobe malfunction occurred. Check out my new buys.

Logic behind each purchase are as follows: Wedges are in, and not only can they easily be paired with jeans or a nice dress, they add height and a little bit of rugged grace to the wearer. I got a pair of Parisian white wedges - been meaning to buy one since the beginning of the year. As for the black shoes, I wanted a pair that can go for casual clothes but at the same time would match well with corporate attires. The Unlimited black shoes are on sale, only 750 Php, and for some odd reason, the price was sufficiently reasonable for me. As for the last Rusty Lopez white sandal heels, I think that was more of the spur of the moment buy. Only 450 Php, I was thinking of something I can wear on a daily basis, with heels, that would complement my daily dresses. Thankfully it seems to go, so far, well with my ensembles.

I wonder, now that I am working in SM, if unplanned splurges will be part of my lifestyle. Hopefully, my wallet can resist such temptations.

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