08 March 2009

Depression Cooking with Clara

While surfing the net a couple of days ago, prophecies of a really bad 2009 seems to be abuzz - it is the return of the great depression. Here in the Philippines, the depression has long been in existence so the economic downturn in the US is not as dramatically felt as in other bigger nations around the globe, or so I'd like to think. Aware of this years unfavorable tides, people are finding ways to tighten their belts and generally be as cost efficient as possible.

Being the master of bringing in overnight superstars, the net got everyone hooked on a unique cooking show that would really draw you to love, respect and adore your chef. Reminding you of your old sweet grandma, 93 year old great grandmother, Clara Cannucciari is now teaching the world some simple and basic recipes she learned from the great depression of the 1930s. Forget about those fancy indecipherable and unheard of ingredients in cookbooks, Clara teaches recipes that are generally kitchen staples, like potatoes, onions and eggs. Clara entertains and shares with everyone not only her frugal and nourishing meals, but also with her stories and warmth. I heart watching her shows on YouTube now that I learned about it - she reminds me of my grandmother, and oh how I miss her.

I also learned that you can even add her up and be a fan or friend in facebook, and that totally got me stoked. I added her up in a jiffy.

Her grandson is very lucky to have thought of recording his grandmother's long kept knowledge and memories. Sometimes I wish I could still have my grandmother backing me up and teaching me the many recipes she used to want to pass on to me.

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