09 March 2009

Future Wedding Planning

Last Saturday, I accompanied my friend and her mom to a Wedding Expo at the PICC Forum, CCP Complex. Of course, the place was packed with couples canvassing for their perfect wedding suppliers. The main question we learned early on is that people will always ask who's getting married, and the second question, when?

Since none of us are tying the knot soon, I agreed to be the searching bride of the pack, and thus was overwhelmed with brochures and offers. When asked when the date will be, we would respond.. "The groom hasn't asked yet." That must be a real downer to the enthusiastic salesladies who thought they already have hooked a deal. Some of the stall owners would kid that they're open to reservations and would gladly just move the reservation when the groom is ready to pop the question.. Uhmm.. talk about pressure.. hahaha

The stalls were all offering a discount package if the couple would book during the expo, and I learned that most weddings are planned one to even two years ahead. There were a lot of things that have to be considered - first of which is, will you be hiring an events coordinator? If so, then you're generally easier off; but if you are stingy and highly meticulous, then feel free to plan your wedding on your own. Think about church location, wedding receptions, invitations, strings, caterers, gowns, the wedding car, souvenirs, photographers, videographers, program flow, program host and a whole heck of other things, not to mention the emotional whirlwind going inside your head and the constant worry if you're doing things in accordance to etiquette and tradition.

Whether or not my groom would approve, I've already set my mind on Lito Sy as my wedding photographer and videographer - no questions asked. I've seen his works in many of the weddings I've attended before and confess that they completely take my breath away, not to mention, they are professionally taken and beautifully retouched, if ever. His photographs always has a hint of elegance and flair that doesn't look overdone.

Going to the wedding expo, I've settled for a second option which is Smart Shot Studio. Their photographs are a bit more common, and a little crass compared to Lito Sy's portfolio, but at least they have some photographs that get my attention - though their website doesn't show off the ones I liked on their brochure. I am just drawn to their Trash the Dress segment, although of course, I can't help but think how inconvenient some of the shots are.

My wedding date is still far away in the future, but I guess since we're already hitting our 4th year anniversary, I think it would be cool if I can start doing my budgeting and forecasting, as well as planning so as not to incur too many problems when the time comes. Weddings are a million dollar business, according to a friend of mine, so I better be ready with my cash when my time comes.

Hon, I'm not pressuring you! :D


chachoy said...

*sweating >.<

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...Cute ninyong dalawa! Rose

Kwagoo said...

Traydor! haha.. Bakit ka nagiinarte, eh pumayag ka na!? haha

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