05 March 2009

Eyes 03.2009

After work yesterday, I headed to an eye clinic to have my eyes checked again. Actually, I was more than prepared to shell out the cash for my eyeglasses. I informed the doctor that I had a complete night's rest but my eyes were still tired from a day of computer exposure. We had the testing done and the result - my left eye is still in perfect condition, but my right eye seems to be showing a grade of 75. He suggested that I return the next day and redo the examination to get a more accurate result.

Following doctor's instructions, I returned to the clinic and redid the whole examination. My left eye passed, but my right eye still has a low grade of 25, astigmatism. I inquired if it would still be possible to correct my sight and he did assure me that it is still possible. He wasn't really recommending a pair of glasses to me, but since I was so adamant to get my perfect eyesight back, he said it is possible to give me a pair to fix my right eye's current problem - 6 months until the next check-up.

I'm just going to pick up my current eyeglass frame at home and have them checked - maybe I can save myself the pains of an extra 900 Php cost. My dreams of being a stewardess is not yet dead!

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