03 March 2009

Digital Make Over

Let's not be hypocrites, no matter how pretty we are (whether or not you believe it), sometimes we don't feel as pretty as we ought to be. An unflattering camera angle can highlight or hide one's human flaws and since photographs usually bear big memory-lane weights, we want to make sure that the picture either goes unnoticed, gets forgotten or gets fixed. With modern technology, your prayers have been answered.

I saw this earlier while surfing online. More reason not to patronize those Barbie magazine cover girls.

Vanity. Vanity. Vanity.

Of course, aside from the fact that I have to make sure my hair's not a mess when my picture is being taken.. I'd have to think about the pose. Yup, summer's just about here and that means - outings, which means - pictures! So I surfed more and found this! haha

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