01 March 2009

Going Back to Nature

Back in third year high school, I was using an ointment for my pimples - it's a Chinese whitening for-external-use ointment that's supposed to help clear up my face and give me a more oriental beauty glow given to me by my grandma. Because I was so desperate to get the pimples off my face, I layered the ointment onto my skin and the result? My skin got burned. The ointment kind of made big red spots on my face which lasted for weeks, that was more horrendous than just a constellation of pimples.

What did I do during that time? My grandma suggested I try using egg whites onto my face everyday to heal it, she also told me not to use the ointment for the time being. She used the same ointment every night, but kept it as thin as possible onto her face. I am not sure if the egg whites really helped, but it sure did make my face feel tightened.

On other occasions, when my face was already back to normal, she would suggest combining egg whites with calamansi and use it like a facial-slash-toner since I was complaining that Eskinol really stings my skin and dries it up.

Earlier this year, I found a friend selling organic products in her online site, called Earthly Delights, and was intrigued. She guarantees that her products are 100% ORGANIC, 100% PHILIPPINE INGREDIENTS and 100% NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS. Our family was always a big fan of organic stuff - from organic rice to organic eggs to organic I-don't-know, so I took the liberty of purchasing some of her items. By some I mean - organic shampoo, facial wash, toner, night and day treatment, lotion, etc.

Pictures were lifted from Earthly delights site and was slightly Photoshop-ed.

I tried most of the products I bought, a couple of nights ago and I attest with an extremely big grin on my face that - they work. I got the egg white and aloe vera shampoo and tried on my dry, brittle hair (yes, my shampoo right now are just those recycled hotel shampoos from my grandparents' many trips abroad - so you can imagine). It resulted to a softer and fuller head, a result similar to the time I tried to put mayonnaise on my hair but without the irritating mayo smell or the oiliness that goes with it.

I also tried the Calendula facial, then Tomato toner, followed by Royal Jelly (Day or Night), and I am really impressed and can really boast that it made my skin feel so much softer. It does give a feeling of refreshment too.

My happiness meter is full with regards to my purchase. Definitely a good buy, not to mention, they're pretty cheap too! :D Why harm oneself with chemical concoctions and weird unheard of acids and bases when natural products are available at reachable prices? Just saying.

*UPDATE: I tried to pry a little more and learned that the products are from a group called Human Heart Nature. This said group is spearheaded by the daughters of Gawad Kalinga's Tony Meloto and is geared towards making this world a better place through patriotism and environmentalism by selling and distributing organic products.

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