17 March 2009

First Driving Day

My dad can be the most inspirational person in this whole planet.

After calming me for my competition by comparing my singing to the Sex Pistol's drugged antics. (Listen to how f*cked up those dudes are, and they made it big - you can do it too!) Dad has a new trick up his sleeve.

Today, I officially had my first driving lessons at F1 Driving School, near our place. According to what I've read online, their services are very professional, not to mention cheaper too.

My dad and grandfather used to give me some basic driving trials - letting me try out the car in the cemetery whenever we visit my grandma's tomb, but that practice eventually stopped when they realize that they panic more than I do, and won't be able to teach me well enough in that sort of state.

Last Sunday, my dad showed us this video. And boy, was it ever motivating.

Now I'm determined to listen to the instructor's lessons and make sure I don't foul up... but then again, I can always resort to the "I'm a girl, so it's expected for me to be such a crappy driver" reason.


Anonymous said...

You can do it! It takes time for the reflexes to become automatic but you can do it. I re-learned in my late 30s and I am okay now - not very confident yet, but I will arrive... and I can actually drive on either sides of the roads, too! :) From: Guess who?

Gorgeous MUM said...

hey there! i'm back!

jourdy^_^ said...

Haha! Just keep on practicing, you will make mistakes but that is part of learning how to drive.

I must admit that my driving isn't all that good, I seriously need some more practice parking. Haha.

My excuse is that I don't drive enough. Probably once a month. More often recently. =p

Kwagoo said...

Auntie Rose?? haha..
You're the only person I know who lives in England where the steering wheel is on the other side. :D haha

Welcome back!!

Thanks dude. Parking is one of the more difficult aspects of driving next to hanging. My instructor told me to do it at least an hour a day so I won't forget my lessons, and I should stop being such a nervous wreck.. hahaha..