31 July 2008

Call the US for Free

Being in a long distance relationship, with me here in the Philippines while my boyfriend is in the United States, together-times are very difficult to arrange. Sure technology provides many ways to chat, even with the existence of Skype and other free Messenger programs, I cannot deny how difficult it is for the both of us to tolerate our distance. Conversations often have to be scheduled ahead of time to accommodate concerns as date and time differences; at the same time, random calling is highly discouraged, especially when I was still a student and wasn't earning anything to pay for expensive long distance transactions.

It often baffles many of our peers how we managed to stay together despite this enormous obstacle. I cannot answer the question as well - I guess, it's simply the fact that we have both made a personal promise to remain in the relationship, because we are truly in love, no matter how difficult or unglamorous it may appear to be. In line with this conviction, my boyfriend has constantly found ways and means to compensate for our physical division - as calling me during my free hours almost daily, waking up early in the morning to be able to chat with me and the like.

Image is from http://www.techchee.com

Recently, for our third anniversary, he purchased a MagicJack for me. It is a USB device that assigns one's computer with a telephone number in the state of one's choice (in the United States). Because of this, I can call him wherever he may be without needing to pay anything. At the same time, he can easily call me while I am at my computer.

The only things needed are: the MagicJack, a computer, a good internet connection, a telephone or a headset with mic. Once all these items are put together, one can call numbers in the United States or Canada for free, regardless of one's geographic location.

Thank you, honey.

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