02 July 2008

Hong Kong Disneyland Auditions

Haven't we all dreamt of being part of that magical and wonderous world of Disney? For most girls, to be amongst, if not, a Disney Princess? To live our own fantastic reveries of splendor and glory and to find our "one true love"?

Well this is the opportunity to live that dream. We can help bring the magic to life, to share it with millions of young boys and girls that they too may discover the power of a dream, the power of hope. It is the contagious vision of an optimistic and peace-loving tomorrow, a vision that only Disney can so beautifully capture and impart to audiences all around the globe.

Click on the poster image for a clearer and fuller view.

For more information.. (or if you think I'm just jesting), click here regarding career opportunities available in Hong Kong Disneyland.

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