08 July 2008

You Don't Usually Get What You Want

Murphy's Law: (and the ultimate Communication Arts tag)
Whatever could go wrong, will go wrong.

We've often criticized our parents; usually trying to bear in our minds their many faults so we can feel secure that they are not infallible gods and could easily be dissuaded or even undermined. As a young adult, it is always tempting to find a loophole in most of my mother's arguments, and although I do not always voice out my disagreement, it does make me feel better.

As I am moving forward, I cannot deny that in a few more years I may be sitting in the same boat as she is now, seeking her advice on how I should deal with matters. I admit that I feel I have all the answers I think I would want right now, that I can strongly oppose or favor an act merely by considering their implications - but then it's always different when you are already standing in the other's person's shoes - suddenly, things aren't as easy as you think they are, situations cannot be dealt with the same conviction and precision as you had imagined.

This was true when I had my boyfriend, and many of my plans of enforcing the "the I-should-be-treated-as-a-goddess", "my-word-is-law" and "I-won't-cry-over-that-doofus" began to fade from consciousness like sugar disappearing into the blackness of coffee.

While surfing the net, I found this site called "True Mom Confessions", which share mothers and wives' take on their lives, their children, their husbands and their families. It was such an witty and funny read and in a way shows that mothers, wives and women will always encounter some problems along the way, that situations will not always be ideal and that plans can always be thwarted, and it's always nice to take a step back, alter your perspective and get back on with your life. Life's not easy, whoever said it is?


Anonymous said...

do you see yourself as a mother? coz i'm afraid to be one hahaha!


Kwagoo said...

no i don't actually. i'm afraid to be a mom, but i'm more afraid of getting pregnant and giving birth.. all the stories i heard and read... waaaahh..

i'd rather see angelina jolie struggle with her 6 children, j.lo with her mark anthony clones, and nicole richie prepare for a new bundle of joy just a few weeks after giving birth.

Anonymous said...