14 July 2008

Nose Bleed Nose

While typing at my computer I suddenly felt a quick warm stream of liquid flow out of my nose. I grabbed a tissue sheet and wiped it to find a reddish hue being absorbed by the said tissue. The metallic smell of blood was faint but I swear that I can somehow taste it in my throat. After more than a decade, I once again experienced nose bleeding.. What possibly went wrong?

My grandmother told me it was probably the fact that I had too much chocolate with too little water to drink, or that I was just working too hard. My uncle, on the other hand told me I was spreading my virus. Ughh..

I read up on nose bleeding and found some very disturbing stories about it. In Japan, nose bleeding is associated with lustful intentions, thus explains why anime characters would have explosive nose bleeds whenever a voluptuous lady passes by. On the other hand, in indigenous civilizations, nose bleeding is often induced by men in order to cleanse themselves of the stain of women, which is brought about by their interaction with their mother as a child. In some civilizations, women are also are made to endure the same thing. The process of how this is done involves either pouring in salt water into one's nose or inserting a pointed object inside. *shudders


Anonymous said...

haha, tagal ko na rin hnd nagnonose bleed, bata pa ako. look up for dysmenorhea pag nagkaroon ka, meron kasi ako ngaun and i can't stand the pain, huhuhu. coz of the pain hnd ko kaya igoogle tong sakit ko, but i can stand the pain to read you blog and comment hahahahah!


Belle said...

is it true bout da lustful thingie? i tot its a anime gimmick...

jourdy^_^ said...

watch the anime burn up. i think there's at least one nosebleed scene in each episode. =p

Kwagoo said...

i know its really a lustful thing.. its consistent in both comics and anime.. nosebleed when a half naked lady enters.. kon (bleach) when he imagines matsumoto and hinamori.. haha

i thought u were going to say... "that" anime you sent me... :D