11 July 2008

Disturbing Movies Made For Kids

As a child, I've often watched television unsupervised. I could easily get a betamax tape from my parents' collection and pop it into the VCR. Of course, I tend to choose those with very catchy titles like "Cry Baby" (a childhood favorite which fostered this ultra big crush on Johnny Depp), "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Addams Family" and the like. Being the first-born, my parents also didn't hold back on popular children movies among them are "Willy Wonka", "An American Tale", Disney Classics and many others.

Surfing the net, I found this site called Babble, an online magazine and community for parents. They also provide catchy lists as the 50 hottest celebrity moms and dads. My favorite though, would have to be the 26 Most Disturbing Kids Movie Ever. And they're not kidding.

I've watched most of the movies there as a child and I can't help admit how disturbed I felt after viewing some of them that I refused watching many of the movies again.

Among my most feared movies in the list are:
(1) "The Dark Crystal", though I cannot recall the story outline, just by being reminded of the general movie ambiance sends me the creeps;

(2)"Bambi", which caused me many sleepless nights counting how much longer are my parents going to live to care for me;

(3)"The Secret of Nimh", which I didn't actually understand, except that there is a female mouse running for her life. Generally confused and bored throughout the whole movie;

(4)"The Witches" gave me freaking nightmares, and I didn't know it was for kids. Don't drink soup, it'll turn you to mice!

(5) "The Care Bears", enuf said.

There are also movies in the list which I would like to defend as:
(1) "The Wizard of Oz", even as a child, I am a sucker for musicals. It seemed like a healthy good watch and I even got so interested that I didn't mind watching the haunted "Jitterbug" video in the "Behind the Scenes", which was edited out of the movie because of a ghostly apparition;

(2) "The Labyrinth", like I mentioned, sucker for musicals - or in this case, David Bowie singing "Dance Magic Dance" (and darn, did I think he was hot.. until..), the girl was very pretty and Toby, the baby was just so adorable;

(3) "The Nightmare Before Christmas", once again, a musical, and I can't help but fall in love with Jack Skellington (though I think watched this when I was already in the tweens)


Paulo Cobs said...

yeah, I disliked Bambi too. And I wholeheartedly agree re: Wizard of Oz =)

Razaele said...

As a kid, I never really grew up on stuff like Bambi and The Addams Family. Sure, I wa able to watch a few, but my little world back then consisted of romps through masses of demon hordes (Doom), commanding armies in a fight for spices (Dune 2), and the occasional educational game.Hm. Guess there's no surprise that I grew up into a gamer.

Chachoy said...

Ha! you guys should watch "Watership Down" and "Fantastic Planet". I watched these cartoons when I was a kid and it freaked me out...

Chachoy said...

Oh and one more cartoon... "The animals of Farthingwood"

Chachoy said...

Good thing my baby remind me of "Kimba the White Lion" that cartoon also freaked me out >.<

Kwagoo said...

i watched snippets of the movies you mentioned.. I must say Fantastic World was the most disturbing.. that would've scarred me for a long time! haha..

What the heck were you watching when you were a kid!! I agree, those would be among the most disturbing shows I ever watched! haha