31 July 2008

"David Cook in Manila"

I first learned about this in Carol's blog, and apparently I am hyped up and brimming with enthusiasm. The simple fact that he will be going to Manila for his first post-AI show is completely crazy (in a good way, definitely).

I would likely be salivating the moment his plane lands down Philippine soil. For now, I'll just be trying to tame and contain the tingles of excitement that is electrifying my entire body. (And yes, I am completely aware that there'll be thousands of other girls who are equally happy (that's an understatement) that he's coming here).

Thank you Carol! :D

Thank you God!


idealpinkrose said...

wow~ please get an autograph for me...hehehehe...

thanks for visiting my korean food.

Carol said...


Kwagoo said...

gladly, if i could score a ticket first.. haha..