17 July 2008

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow

I found this video of Paula Abdul (and Randy Jackson) singing "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow", and I hate to admit it, but it irritates me. I respect them and their opinions in American Idol, but seeing this video somehow makes me feel otherwise. In my opinion, it does look a little cheap, somewhat like a bad rip-off of a Janet Jackson video. The wind effect wasn't really doing its job properly, instead of highlighting her face, it just threw her hair over it. No offense to Paula Abdul fans, and I'm sure there are plenty since she's such a charming artist. I'm giving her credit though, that she still could sing and shake her booty even at her menopausal age.

But like I said, it's just my opinion.


jourdy^_^ said...

Hey! where the hell is simon??? =p
He would be perrrfect with a guitar or banging at the drums. =D

ROFL! =))

jourdy^_^ said...

as for the video, i agree with the hair part. There's something awfully wrong with her hair. It could be her shampoo. =p

Kwagoo said...

hahaha... :D

or it could just be the wind direction..