03 July 2008

Stop Whale Hunting

There are three different countries that promote whaling/ whale hunting and they are Japan, Norway and Iceland. The most active of the three would be Japan. The hunting of whales was permitted to the Japanese under the terms that such practice would be for scientific research purposes, in addition, whale meat is being sold in Japanese market places for consumption.

Despite pressure being propagated by the Green Peace, it was surveyed that "nearly two-thirds of Japanese support the country's much criticized whaling program" (National Geographic.com)

This would be primarily my opinion only, especially since I am not Japanese and therefore could not fully comprehend their necessities and lifestyles, but I feel strongly that the slaughter of whales should somehow be ceased, if not, be controlled. As a child, the whale is one of my favorite animals and it scars me deeply to see them hunted down and murdered. If you are interested in signing up in Green Peace's campaign to save the whales, click here and create your own origami whale to join the pod.


Anonymous said...

Whale burger = good

Kwagoo said...

:( traitor... hehe

what does it taste like?

Anonymous said...

I don't know... hehe but I always want to try anything out of the "box". =D

Kwagoo said...

gourmand ka kasi..

kaya ka tumataba!! haha