18 July 2008

Earthquake Today?

There's been a big rumor that a catastrophic earthquake is prophesied to shake the Philippines today, June 18, 2008, with a great number of people perishing in the said event. The email has been in circulation for a while now, if you haven't read it, or have deleted it.. here's a copy I found online.

It's almost 9 pm...

And nothing has happened.

Still waiting..

There are enough problems happening right now that another scam is not needed soon. I'm sure some cataclysmic event (whether worldwide or personal) is happening somewhere, or may happen in the succeeding days, months and years - those are inevitable. Trying to foresee the future is a risky business and that would often lead us to misjudge a lot of things, to live life by unconfirmed shadows of what may be.

I guess, it's better to live each day to the fullest whether or not a big bad calamity is about strike, knowing you have given the best that you possibly can offer than waiting and expecting a prophecy (good or bad) to come true.


Chachoy said...

Really? you mind telling your lil sister to stop spamming scam messages about Yahoo messenger about to close down this August 17? hahaha

jourdy^_^ said...

i predict that there will be a huge earthquake on... Feb 14! O_O

jenn_US said...

yeah my mom actually panicked and cant help but get worried. but it wasnt true. GOd is good!!!

Kwagoo said...

@ chachoy
mas mahal ka ata ng shobe ko ah.. wala xang sinesend na spam mail sakin! haha

shishi should get ready.. you pervert!

yeah He truly is. everybody in our house was anticipating the earthquake, even my friend asked us if we heard about it. why do people even want to try making these tricks.